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E-Link Video Wall Processoe telah dikenal sebagai salah satu merk hardware-based processor yang realible untuk berbagai kebutuhan baik untuk ruang command center, dan monitoring room dengan tipe D Series & W Series. Saat ini akan hadir tipe S Series yang telah diperbaharui dengan berbagai fitur terbaru yang sangat membantu fungsi sebuah prosesor dan dengan harga yang lebih terjangkau.
  • Pure-hardware FPGA Array, modular design, 6.25G/s base exchange processing speed;
  • Support hot-swappable for I/O nodules, control modules, redudant power supply. Easy to upgrade and maintanance;
  • Support VGA, DVI, HDMI, Ypbpr, CVBS,SDI, HDbaseT, Fiber input sources and VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI, CVBS, HDbaseT, Fiber output;
  • Support 4K HDMI/Dual-link DVI input and 4K HDMI output;
  • Support VGA/DVI/HDMI/Ypbpr sources self-adaption on single input card;
  • Support opening up to 32 windows on each two screens;
  • Support up to 16 video wall groups control on single controller and work with variety of display terminals such as LCD, LED, DLP, projector;
  • Support scene management, up to setup and display 128 scenes;
  • Support input source previewing and monitoring(refresh rate≥30hz); 
  • Variety of control methods such as RS232, Network, Touchscreen/Keypad and compatible with third party control system;
  • Support multi-user control management, software can be set through the operation authority, according to the authority level to develop different operating functions, different levels, different operating privileges, and can be set at any output authority range;
  • B/S and C/S dual mode visualization control platform, support roaming, overlay, zoom in/out, multi-windowing, switch, overlay, picture-in-picture, signal clip and a variety of display modes such as split screen, full screen and combination screen;
  • Ultra-HD background image display, such as 16352x7680, 10928x3072, etc.;
  • Mobile visual management applications, support iPad, iPhone, Surface;
  • Support EDID, customize the output resolution according to the physical resolution of the display system;
  • Advanced image decoding technology, compatible with a number of manufacturers’ IPC signal and seamless access with variety resolutions such as 1080P, 720P, etc;
  • Support adjustment of the output color, four-color(red, green, blue and white) 256-level adjustment, rather than simply adjust the brightness contrast;